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Let's Test!

The future of medicine is personalized testing and care. As healthcare staff that’s quickly accessible to the public, we regularly get patients who come into the pharmacy asking specific health questions or inquiring about recommendations to treat symptoms. We also realize some individuals may not be officially diagnosed with any chronic medical conditions, but are looking to "level-up" their health with access to innovative testing!


Individuals may be looking for streamlined access to knowledgeable health experts at an affordable price point. We are excited to offer more individualized, precision testing that can help support and address your root cause health concerns in some of the following areas:

Stop Guessing,



Difficulty getting up in the AM, fatigued daily, over-use of caffeine, inability to handle stress, craving salty foods, high energy in the evenings, weak immune system?

Gut &

Microbiome Health

Gas, bloating, indigestion, IBS, brain fog, acne, food

allergies or intolerances, headaches, and more?



We provide saliva testing through ZRT laboratory® and DUTCH hormone urine testing through Precision Analytical®.



Fatigue, constipation, weight gain, hair loss, brain fog,

depression, muscle aches, inability to tolerate the cold, dry skin, and more?

for Something Particular?


See Our Full List of Available Precision Testing

Whether you are a patient with health concerns who would like some assistance and baseline testing, a seasoned athlete looking to optimize your health to perform at your best, a client who has gone through various conventional methods of testing with no answers, or somewhere in the mix, we are here to help!


If you don’t see something listed, call us and ask. Our integrative health pharmacists can order specific testing or create customized testing packages and provide one-on-one consultations with follow-up and recommendations for most health symptoms or concerns.

Optimize Your

Health & Wellness:

    • Cortisol

    • C-Reactive Protein

    • Advanced Cholesterol Profiles

    • Insulin Levels

    • Omega-3 Index

    • Vitamin D

    • Calcium/Magnesium Profile

    • Copper/Zinc Profile

    • and Many More!

Custom Health Pharmacy works with cutting-edge, advanced precision testing companies. We are happy to help with ordering tests, reviewing results and follow-up recommendations.



Are you aware of or concerned about glyphosates, heavy metals, mycotoxins, etc. which could be the root cause of many symptoms?

Essential Nutrients/

Vitamin Levels/

Amino Acid Profiles

Perhaps you are taking pharmaceutical

medications and are unaware of drug-induced nutrient deficiencies, we can help!



Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or achieving restorative

sleep? Sleep is the pillar of foundational health and lack of sleep detrimentally

impacts health and quality of life.

Mitochondrial Function &

Detox Pathway Assessment

As the “powerhouses of

the cell” your mitochondria are important energy suppliers and optimizing them

can provide immense benefits including sustained energy.

Cardio & Metabolic


High blood pressure, elevated bad cholesterol markers, family history of heart disease, been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or other cardiovascular diseases?



Weight gain is a concern for patients and many know that

maintaining an ideal weight is difficult despite diet and exercise strategies.

Allergy & Food

Sensitivity Testing

Millions of people nationwide experience food-related reactions and some may not even realize symptoms their body manifests as food-related. 

Genetic Variation


Testing can help identify if genetics are making it difficult to absorb nutrients, convert nutrients into usable forms or detox properly.

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