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Physicians Resource

Custom Health Pharmacy is committed to our patients as well as our physicians. If you are a physician looking to work with us, give us a call today!

    • This medication should start with "Compound Medication".

    • List any active ingredients with strength.

    • Dosage Form.

    • Instructions for Use.

    • Quantity.

    Prescriptions can be called to 920-884-7345 or faxed to 920-884-7346.

    Sometimes you want a specific base such as Versabase Cream, Xematop, Pracasil Plus or Lipoderm. Feel free to express that also and remember to put DAW by the base to guarantee your patients get the best bases available. Feel free to call our pharmacist and ask about what base might be best for your patients.

    Writing a prescription for a compounded medication is different from writing a prescription for a manufactured medication. Besides the usual parts of a prescription such as Patient, Date of Birth, Address and phone number remember the following points:

Custom Health Pharmacy experts would be delighted to manage your hormone patients. Bio-identical hormone restoration therapy has grown, and it isn’t surprising. It is popular because women and men are getting results! We have over 15 years of experience in managing patients taking hormones. With our extensive experience and certified Hormone Specialist, we can take the burden off your shoulders and completely take over the responsibility and management of your patient and their hormone therapy. We are happy to collaborate with you on hormone testing, dosing, formulations and plans for continued care and treatment of your patient.


Consultation Program:

Custom Health Pharmacy Hormone Consultation Program

    • A patient expresses concern of symptoms that relate to hormone problems. A perfect example is the 49-year-old woman whose periods have started to become erratic, and she complains of hot flashes. You can write a prescription (or utilize our Hormone Restoration Referral Form) that simply says, “Hormone Management Program” and have her come to us. We will provide appropriate assessment of symptoms, testing, follow-up with recommendations and a treatment plan. Then upon your review and approval with prescription, therapy may be initiated.

    • A patient comes in and you run tests to determine hormone levels. You send those lab tests and symptoms to our pharmacist with a recommendation for initial treatment. On receipt of your prescription, we will provide the appropriate therapy. We are then happy to continue managing the patient regarding their hormone-related symptoms long-term if you prefer.

    As you can see from these scenarios, we can work together in the best way that will help free up more time for your practice and ensure the patient is cared for. We are trained and able to recommend doses or changes when appropriate. Please call us with questions about this program that we can customize just to your needs.

  • We are open to working with any providers who would like to create a specific compound for use. Give us a call and run your thoughts or challenges by us to see if we can work together to come up with solutions.

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