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You may have heard, “all supplements are not created equal. When it comes to your health and what you put in your body, quality matters. At Custom Health Pharmacy we offer patients direct access to professional grade, safe, high-quality supplements from our Fullscript® platform and in-store selection from trusted partners including Orthomolecular®, Integrative Therapeutics®, Pure Encapsulations ®, and even our own brand of supplements.

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Unlike supplements and products available at local drugstores or some large-scale online stores, supplements available through our pharmacy or Fullscript® platform are professional grade. Many drugstore and online vitamins are not evaluated or regulated by the FDA and may often contain preservatives, unnecessary dyes, fillers, toxins, and heavy metal contaminants. These can contribute to issues with hormone imbalances. Studies have even shown supplements to have inaccurate labeling, misbranding, contain unlisted harmful ingredients and make unsubstantiated claims. Our practice is dedicated to lasting health and wellness solutions including practices to help eliminate toxins from the body and provide natural solutions. This is why we supply only the highest quality supplements to our community and patients.


Grade Supplements:

As a customer you have immediate access to obtain a variety of clean, professional,

third-party tested supplements which follow strict standards. Available products through our platform are:

You can pick up supplements at the store or order online and have products shipped directly to you! As compounding pharmacists, we understand the intricacy and importance of absorbable forms of supplements which is why we trust specific companies and products where they offer a variety of dosing options such as capsules, liquids, powders, dissolving tablets, etc.






Filler & Binder



To make supplements more affordable for everyone, we are offering all customers utilizing our Fullscript® account a a discount for life on any orders!


Signing up is free, easy and takes about 2 minutes. You can use our direct link below and click “Create My Account” to get started!


Supplement Discount:


Our friendly pharmacists are always happy to help you set up an account in the store and assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.

    • Professional-grade supplements including: multivitamins, grass-fed beef liver, vitamin D + K2, vitamin C, b-complex, calcium, magnesium, zinc, inositol, liver support & detox, omega 3 balance, electrolytes, trace minerals, PREbiotics, PRObiotics, digestive enzymes, intestinal barrier support, anxiety relief, sleep support, allergy relief, energy and cellular support, various immune support supplements, adrenal support, hormone support, and more.

    • Redmonds Sea Salt products

    • Organic cooking oils (avocado oil, EVOO)

    • D’s Custom Creations (handmade soaps, creams, and lotions)

    • Clean dental care products (toothpaste, moisturizing nasal spray, moisturizing mouth gel)

    • Essential oils and perfume oils

    • Frontier soups

    • Immune support silver hydrosol

    • Topical first aid healing gel

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