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Having the correct balance of estrogen to progesterone is critical for the body. Estrogen typically gets a bad reputation due to negative effects of “estrogen dominance.” However, there are 3 main estrogens and estrogen metabolites which have an array of functions including focus and memory support, sleep regulation, improved insulin sensitivity, body temperature regulation, prevention of muscle damage and maintenance of muscle mass, maintenance of elasticity and dilation of arteries, increased blood flow, decreases in plaque accumulation in the arteries, enhancement of magnesium uptake, maintenance of collagen in the skin, blood pressure decreases, improved mood, and so much more!

    • Mood Swings

    • Hot Flashes

    • Breast Tenderness

    • Headaches

    • Depression

    • Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    • Trouble Concentrating

    • Fatigue

    • Increase in UTIs due to Thinning Urethra

    • Bloating

    • Swelling and Tenderness in the Breast

    • Decreased Sex Drive

    • Irregular Menstrual Periods

    • Irregular PMS Symptoms

    • Weight Gain

    • Hair Loss

    • Cold Hands or Feet

    • Trouble Sleeping

    • Memory Issues

The metabolization and detoxification of estrogen through various pathways is important to assess. Having knowledge of how your estrogen is being detoxed in the body may give insight into risks of unpleasant symptoms (such as heavy bleeding and breast tenderness), DNA damage, tumor growth and certain cancers.

Know Your

Estrogen Levels:

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