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Are you confused reading various supplement labels and wondering what each ingredient means or what it does? Do you find yourself spending hours researching various supplements to help treat your symptoms? Trying to figure out what supplements are right for you or if the ones you have are even working?

With so much information available now, the supplement world is challenging to navigate. You may question which brands are reliable or most affordable, but still effective. A key component of optimization of supplements lies within having the correct formulation of the ingredient(s). That’s where our pharmacists can step in to help. 

Private Supplement

Assessment Consultations

Our integrative health experts have been researching, reviewing and educating consumers about supplements for years. If you are looking for answers to your lingering supplement questions, consider scheduling a private consultation. We will sit down with you, assess all of your supplements, and help you sort through which ones may or may not be benefiting you, while also helping guide you in the direction of appropriate supplements that may fit your specific needs.

How We

Can Help You:

30 Minutes




Includes: current supplement audit, consult, supplement recommendations, mini written plan, and One-Time 20% discount off any supplements on our store shelves.

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