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Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment with us today! We are happy to assist you with any testing, analysis, review of results and development of a wellness plan.

an Appointment Today!

*When scheduling follow-up consultations, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for your sample-collection for tests (for hormone tests, females who are still cycling may need 4 weeks due to timing of sample collection in the cycle), mailing, analysis, and results. The pharmacy can work with you to schedule follow-up sooner if we get test results back earlier or you can wait to schedule your follow-up after we notify you of results coming in.

*Like most businesses, our time is valuable. Cancelations within 24 hours or no-shows will be charged 100% of the appointment fee.


In a One-on-One Consult?

What to Expect

  • ✓ Schedule consultation appointment

    ✓ Complete medical questionnaire & symptom evaluation forms and submit online

    ✓ Indicate primary reason for consultation, what testing client is interested in or what your healthcare provider, health coach, or other expert recommends you have evaluated

    ✓ Complete all other intake paperwork and submit online

  • ✓ Perform a complete review of medical history and primary symptoms of concern

    ✓ Assess lifestyle factors including medications, supplements, fitness, nutrition, and social and environmental factors

    ✓ Note your goals of therapy and how we will work together to achieve them

    ✓ Recommend and order bio-individual precision testing in agreeance with patient; and explain how to properly and reliably complete tests for accurate results

    ✓ Make initial recommendations through lifestyle changes, utilizing food as medicine, and/or use of professional-grade supplements to support the body

    ✓ Provide resources including healthy nutrition options, recipes, clean local food sources, movement/exercise advice, and referrals to trusted experts

    ✓ Complete a detailed note for clients to easily resort back to answer any questions

    ✓ Schedule follow-up visit to review results, make tailored recommendations, and create a wellness plan

  • ✓ Complete the appropriate testing at home or local lab if ordered

    ✓ Review your consultation notes and wait for test results

    ✓ Start implementing lifestyle recommendations and/or supplements

    ✓ Pharmacist will discuss with your doctor if any prescriptions are warranted

  • ✓ Review results together in detail where the pharmacist will explain and help educate the client

    ✓ Pharmacist makes recommendations on therapy options and initiates treatment as necessary

    ✓ Create a customized wellness plan with goals and expectations

    ✓ Discuss monitoring timeline and follow-ups as needed





Further Follow-Ups

for Retesting, Check-Ins, New Concerns, or Maintenance as Necessary.



*Note: If receiving bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, re-testing of hormones and maintenance visits will be required to continue to receive care.

The Integrative Health provider will focus on getting to know you as an individual patient with unique needs and goals, review your symptoms, consider precision testing services, create an action plan to help you get initiated on appropriate supplements and/or bio-identical hormone restoration therapy, and follow-up to monitor your progress. In addition to all these services, our integrative health pharmacists will be readily accessible for quick replies to client questions and messages via our secure patient portal.

Our Goal

for Your Wellness:

We are happy to incorporate any area of our wellness expertise into your private consults. No question is off limits and we will work with you to find solutions! If you have further questions, please email

Delicate Fabric

Patient Intake Forms

All new client intake forms will be easily fillable on our Practice Better secure platform (no need to print off and hand-write responses)

Please Download our

Hormone Management Program Referral Form

Please review our

Notice of Privacy Practices 

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